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Modernise Your Office Space With Vision Corporate Interiors – a Commercial, Affordable Office Fitout Company

Increase productivity and improve workflow using our office fitout services. We’re honoured to serve some of Australia’s most recognised brands; helping them meet their office fitout and office refurbishment needs!

What Makes Our Office Fitouts Different?

Dull, drab, and outdated offices and spaces are uninspiring. Professional office fit out and office refurbishment services offer a straightforward solution to enhance your existing workspace, without doing all the hard work yourself.

Our office fitout specialists help with finishing touches on new construction projects, as well as our services can get used to ‘re-envision’ and renovate older buildings to accommodate the contemporary needs of today’s businesses.

Our team understands the need for effective space and strive to meet the unique needs of every client.

Our commercial fitout company has a team of:

Our Office Fitout Products

Floor Coverings

Vision Corporate Interiors has ample flooring contacts and contractors that we use and recommend for all flooring needs.

Some of the flooring options that you can specify are:

  • Carpet tiles
  • Broadloom carpet
  • Ceramic & Porcelain tiles
  • Floating floors
  • Timber floors
  • Vinyl floors
  • Polished concrete
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Glazed Offices

The 80mm Glaze System incorporates 51mm stud and 13mm plasterboard or glass.

This streamline suite provides an economical and flexible option which can be used to develop the office environment.

The slim frame is used around window and door frames, simplifying the installation procedure and is our most commonly installed wall system.

Features of the 80mm glaze system:

  • Designed to suit 51mm stud and 13mm plasterboard
  • Suits CAB-2 polyester insulation for acoustic benefits
  • Glazing pocket incorporates 6mm to 10mm glass
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Vision Corporate Interiors are Melbourne’s top suspended ceiling experts.

When you are trying to create a contemporary office environment, it’s essential to have a well-maintained building, and that’s why suspended ceilings are so popular in corporate environments.

Easy to install, they are also incredibly easy to maintain, and any broken tiles can simply be replaced by sliding them into the metal grid. If you have an uneven ceiling with stains, exposed pipes, or other unpleasant sights, then this can improve the look of your workspace.

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Plaster Stud Walls

The 110mm Plaster platinum system incorporates 92mm studs with 10mm plasterboard.

Designed to be used residentially or commercially, the 110 frame is an all-purpose solution.

The 110 specifically focuses on door and window framing that displays a slim-line finish which is both visually appealing and robust. Door and window frame fabrication can simply be done on-site or prior to delivery.

A unique feature of this suite is the heavy duty door stop, which incorporates either 38mm or 44mm doors.

The aluminium can be finished in a variety of anodising or powder coat colours, eliminating the need for the frames to be painted on site.

Features of the 110mm platinum system:

  • Suits both 92mm steel studs or 90mm timber studs with 10mm plasterboard;
  • Allows structural columns and plumbing to be incorporated within the cavity;
  • Options allow for 35mm or 44mm doors also with the option of the heavy-duty Door Stops
  • Glazing pocket incorporates 6mm to 10mm glass.
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Vision Corporate Interiors have qualified plumbers that carry out all of our plumbing needs. If your project requires plumbing works, we are your one-stop shop.

All works are certified and carried out to Australian Standards.



Vision Corporate Interiors has successfully transformed and completed many commercial bathrooms over the years.

As business needs change and new products are developed – bathrooms are often left behind and put into the ‘too hard basket’.

We are ready and able to provide you with the cosmetic or renovation changes that your business requires.



Vision Corporate Interiors works with many companies in order to refurbish their toilet layouts or transform into disabled access areas.

VCI employs lichened plumbers to carry out all works with accordance to Australian standards.

Electrical, Voice & Data

As part of Vision Commercial Interiors’ complete service to clients, we offer all licensed electrical works.

electrical fitoutWhether it is part of a tender package, fit-out quotation or you just require some extra lighting or power points – our professional team of specialists can take care of it.

Soft WiringVCI can carry out all of your electrical and lighting needs with our licensed electricians.

We also hold the skills necessary to provide you with lighting plans and reflected ceiling plans, add power points or even test and tag your companies appliances.

About Office Fitouts

What are Office Fitouts?

Office fitouts are an economical and professional approach for developers and company owners to update and upgrade their workspaces.

Our fitout experts work with you to create office design concepts that:

  • Foster teamwork
  • Increase productivity
  • Encourage a sustainable work environment

What Solutions do Office Fitouts Provide?

Upgrade Vacant Office Spaces

Long-term tenants are excellent for stabilising rent rolls. However, in use office spaces can sometimes fall behind on upgrades and updates. Office fit outs help revamp your area for your next client.

Offer Furnished Office Options

Today’s modern businesses are nimble. Many business owners and entrepreneurs would rather not hassle with the costs and inconvenience of furnishing their workplace. Offering a turnkey business office solution helps your tenants into business faster.

Innovating And Modifying Space

The way companies and employees work together has changed significantly. Office fit out services works with clients to reimagine their space.

We work with clients extensively to learn what their pain points and objectives are. Based on this information, our team comes together to offer dynamic, customised workspace solutions.

Landlords & Property Management Companies

Why not upgrade your space and energize the workplace?

Cubicle office partition walls are getting torn down in favour of providing wide open spaces that encourage teamwork, collaboration and creativity among employees. Our services maximise your space with a grander, brighter vision that speaks of the future, not dwelling in the past.

Our services are also ideal for commercial landlords and property managers who want to boost the marketability and visual appeal of their available office space. Lacklustre office space doesn’t attract new tenants!

Send us your Vision & We Will Make it Happen

Every fit out project is different. For that reason, we offer a free, no-obligation quote on affordable office fitouts.

Regardless of whether you need to furnish and refurbish a small office, an office floor, or an entire building, you can rely on us to get the job done, to specifications and on time!

We do everything from furnishing to redesigning your office space to create a welcoming atmosphere and improve efficiency and productivity.

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